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You have such a passion for approaching/instructing the game of baseball the right way….(inspiring passion, desire for greatness and willingness to go the extra mile) more than I have ever seen in any other human being……I can’t help but wonder what would your career would have looked like if your were 6’3″ and 200+? You are honestly the best hitting instructor and mental mindset coach I have encountered in this baseball journey I am taking with Brady. I want to thank you for the time you take out of your schedule to spend with him and I hope we have many more lessons with our “Coach AL” to look forward to!! You represent the best of the best my brother!

Craig Turner


All these other programs(teams)etc…don’t do it like this guy…Believe me when I tell you at this point(14-15-16)it’s not about being on a good team….Its about getting your kid to take it to the next level….He’s forgotten more about this game than most of these coaches know…..These kids were all challenged mentally not physically in the fall and you would have been surprised how many of them looked lost in the sauce…..We have played anywhere from 500-700 games from 5years old until now and have seen many coaches and have talked to many of them including HS MS coaches etc…..Now in fairness I’ve only known AL since TK tried out in the fall so I’m not bias either way and I’m telling you this guy teaches kids 14-15-16 major league level nuances that up until this point my son hasn’t gotten.You can’t put a price on this guy coaching and then during the week taking lessons from him and he outlines what you did wrong in different instances with your glove,stick etc…priceless….All honesty I think Jacob has a chance to do something with his pitching….Lace up those orange and black reeboks back up and tryout this spring…

George Karagiannakis


I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the 11U and 12U tryout that were conducted by Phil Giurintano this past week. Phil made it very clear that he takes the game of baseball seriously, but he also demonstrated that he understands that these are kids who are in the process of learning the game.  His emphasis on professional teaching, as opposed to applying pressure to the kids, is a welcome approach to the game that is far too rare in travel ball these days.  In the short time we were at the tryouts, we saw Phil and his coaches working with the kids in a very constructive way. My 10-year-old son came away from the tryout with enthusiasm and confidence.  I have encouraged several of our friends to consider having their children participate in further tryouts for this fall’s GBC teams and will encourage anyone I talk to with children in that age group to register for other tryouts.

Thanks for the positive experience
Wes Weathersbee


Alan just want to send email to say what a great weekend of games ever had for our first tournament. And we will only get better as we keep playing as a family and teammates. Its a honor to tell people where we play and who our coaches are. Nathan AKA Grapes is excited about all that he has learned and going to learn. Cannot wait for our next tournament. Also I do love giving Phil a hard time.

Thank you again for choosing us to be part of this amazing team. We do love it.

The Welch family Chad, Angie, and Grapes4/12/13



I just wanted to let you know how much our family appreciates Phil G, Omar and GBC. Our son plays for the 11u team and has had some rough tournaments, but Phil has been there for us with lessons and taking his own personal time to work with us. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the hard work Phil and Omar have done to boost our son’s confidence level and playing skills. This weekend all of that hard work paid off and Kevin pitched an outstanding game. GBC and the coaches have been so amazing I just wanted to tell you good job and keep it up. You have definitely made a difference in our child’s life.

Nichole and Bobby Hutchins



I hope you are doing well.  William’s team played Southwest Middle School yesterday.  He was up to bat and the count was 2-2.  He told me after the game that he noticed the catcher was lining up outside the plate.  He adjusted.  He drove the next pitch into centerfield.  Unfortunately the outfielder caught it.  Nevertheless, I am impressed that William realized what the pitcher and catcher were trying to do and he reacted accordingly.  Tell Mike and Cliff thank you.  Hope to see you guys soon.

Chris Whitehead


April 10, 2013


I really got a lot out of my lesson last night.  You’re by far the best, most helpful teacher I’ve ever worked with.  I stayed afterward and took a few more swings, and couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so confident.  Already looking forward to the next one!

Matt Lane

Local IT Support


Monday 2/18/13


When I signed up to attend the New York Yankees Fantasy Camp it had been more than 40 years since I hit a baseball in competition.   Over a period of three months, I became a regular customer at Greensboro Batting Center, and thanks to you and your outstanding facility, I batted .444 (12 for 27) during the eight games we played in Tampa.  I could not have had such a great time without the practice and the encouragement you offered.  Not only that, your enthusiasm for my efforts made the whole experience of practicing in the cages and attending the Fantasy Camp that much more enjoyable.  I plan to go back to another Fantasy Camp in the future, and you can be sure you’ll be seeing me at the Greensboro Batting Center practicing my swing!

All the best,

Kevin L. Reinert

Greensboro, NC


Sent 1/10/13

Coach Al,

Thank you so much! You have no idea what that means to us!  I wanted to tell you in person but I understand how busy you are.  You made a comment to Ronte’ at the last tournament he played in at High Point Andrews.  You told him he was a good kid and with work and heart he would be a GREAT ballplayer.  He smiled for hours after that.  That really meant alot to him coming from someone like you.  It has sparked a fire in him that is unbelievable!  His grades have improved, he hits off his tee, does weight work and has went to everyone of the “baseball workouts” with his high school team.  I want to say Thank You for inspiring him in so many ways!  You have truly met your calling when it comes to these kids!  Looking forward to a promising future with your organization.



Terry  Goins



Thanks so much for giving us your time and the benefit of your experience, leadership and wisdom this evening.  To the man, our guys ate it up from beginning to end.  You boosted their self-confidence, self awareness, and desire to be better. I can think of no higher reward for a teacher. This is not just baseball – this is also about how to learn and grow.

Thank you again. I’ll be in touch.

Greg Gertz



Just a quick note to say THANKS for the training and work Corey has received from all of your staff over the last 1 1/2 years. You guys have always made us feel welcome and important and it makes Corey feel good that all of the staff calls him by name and ask about his game. Since we have been there we have used Jake, Rod, Chad, Tyler, and now JK, all have been very helpful and all of the work has been greatly appreciated!!! I think that some how he has built a bond with JK since he started catching with him and now looks forward to his lessons. I think that JK has taken a genuine interest in Corey and really wants to see him excel in his game and in his life. We drive 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to GBC and in my mind it is worth every mile to see the difference in Corey’s game and his attitude on the field.

This spring there were a couple of other parents that kept asking about how did Corey become such a good hitter at this level of baseball. Almost each week that we play some one will ask about how long he has been catching and are surprised to find that this is his first year behind the plate. The answer to both questions is GBC!

Even though he sometimes does not perform as well as I would like from the tee, his level of comfort in a game has enabled him to hit the ball very hard most of the time. It doesn’t seem to matter what the count or situation he stays cool and usually manages to hit the ball hard some where. I know I am bragging a little and am a little biased because he is mine but you guys have done a great job with his baseball game up to now. Since we have been coming here two other players from his team are now going to GBC and I see a huge difference in their game as well.

With all of this mushy stuff said and behind us now I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much I appreciate you and your staff and please let them know how good of a job I think they are all doing!!!!!! Almost forgot, Jamey is great to work with on scheduling he always is patient even when I don’t know when I can get there or what days.

Top notch all the way!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Martin


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you GBC


Thank you so much for allowing Morgan to conduct the softball clinic on July 8th. I brought my daughter, Lauren Nelson, and two girls from my team. The girls had a great time and a lot of fun! I enjoyed watching them, I could tell from their faces that they were in softball heaven. I also appreciate the discount coupon for lessons with Morgan.

My nephew’s 10U GBC team is off to Charleston tomorrow and everyone is so excited. We will be cheering for GBC this coming week!

Thanks for all you do to support our youth!

Tracy Nelson


Monday, May 03, 2010

FW: Cross, Willingham, and Smith earn Softball All-ODAC honors – 4/30/2010 : Softball : WildCat Athletics : Randolph College

Lindsay was not named ODAC Player of the Year this season, but she still had a good year. Last year, she basically had 10 days in between basketball and softball season in order to transition from one sport to the next. This year, she only had 1 day to transition to softball, and they played 16 games before she could blink. She never had time before the season to get the softball muscles going this year, so she was digging out of a hole the rest of the year. However, she finished up stronger this year vs. last as evidenced by the 23 RBI she had during April this year compared to 9 last year in April. She went out in style hitting a HR in each of the 3 post-season games in the ODAC Tourney. Her last HR was in her last At Bat EVER, so she went out in vintage Ted Williams’ style. Go to the Randolph College home page, then Athletics, then softball, then News & Highlights. I tried sending the link, but it would not let me.Now that is it over, I appreciate the batting lessons she took, as I think it took her to the next level. I also like the fact that you have so many cages that you never have to wait too long between rounds. Once I start having grandchildren, it will be only a matter of time before we will be back to see you and start the cycle all over again. Thanks again for everything!!

David Cross


Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to these coaches this past weekend at Deep River: Scott Clemons, Danny Robinson, Tim Pruitt, Rod Gorham, and Carmine Pagano.

Our son Steven plays for the 12U team. On sunday after watching the last 3 innings of our 13u team play TPG. Our 12u team was to play in the finals. As our team was warming up my wife and I noticed Rod offering some advice to some of our pitchers warming up. We also noticed Carmine in the dugout talking to some of our kids as well. We felt this was awesome for them to be helping out after they had just won an intense game. They could have been sitting in the shade with their feet up relaxing but no they were right there for our younger guys.When my wife told Rod he could be relaxing and enjoying the big win they had just had he said “this is what we do, we want to help out”.

This is exactly one of the reasons we as parents wanted our son to play for GBC. Top notch coaches and teachers of the game.

Whether he wins or loses our son is very proud to run out on that field with GBC across his chest.

Thanks again coaches your efforts are appreciated.

Robbie and Ramona Oakley


February 17, 2010

Kendall and Ashton’s Lesson


I wanted to let you know that Ashton made the Northern Varsity Team!

Thanks for working with the girls, it has really made a difference. I am sure you know this, but just in case it never hurts to say it again– the girls really love working with you!


Ken Dobbins


August 20, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and adulation towards, you and your entire coaching staff. The manner in which your staff conducted the rising 13U tryout for GBC last Saturday was exemplarily in every way, especially with 40 kids of various skill levels, all seeking to join an established roster, loaded with talent , while looking for 1 possibly 2 players.

However difficult the circumstances may have been, you guys made it look effortless, in fact, you managed to make it look enjoyable, while providing the kids an opportunity of a lifetime. Offering an open tryout for a team playing at that level seems almost pointless, but your staff conducted themselves in a manner, which offered more than a chance to field a few groundballs and some BP, much more, you provided a life experience which they’ll learn and carry with them in the future.

Perhaps, your greatest achievement; managing to use one of the more difficult experiences of childhood, or life for that matter, trying out, being evaluated and scrutinized with the possibility of rejection, instead offering a look through baseball’s window of possibilities. The sum of their experience will be much more than a tryout, showing them just how much than can achieve with hard work and dedication, while offering insight, inspiration and encouragement, regardless of talent level or experience, TRULY ADMIRABLE.

Alan and GBC are fortunate to be associated with your entire organization.

Initially I began writing this letter on Sunday, while many of the examples were vivid, but the timing seemed inappropriate under the circumstance, final roster pending. Never the less, I still feel it necessary to express my appreciation both for the method and manner which your team conducted tryouts.

Although we only speak on occasion and perhaps solely because I call to inquire about your team, but I consider you a friend, you have always been extremely patient and kind, so if and when asked; I have always spoken of you with equal manner. Despite the possibility Paul’s chance too play for you may have passed, you’ve gained a family of fans, and a loyal friend. Initially my wife was hesitant about the possibility of Paul playing for GBC, but after watching you guys coach and listening to you and reading the handout after tryouts; she wished Paul had played with you guys from the beginning.

I truly appreciate you giving Paul an honest look, hearing your encouragement, calling him by name, gave him the belief he had a fighter’s chance, unfortunately he didn’t have a good bullpen, but he remains optimistic. I am very thankful for the opportunity and we look forward to speaking with you in the future.


Kevin Coady


Hey Alan (& TonyJ)—(April 14, 2011)

Just wanted to keep in touch with you guys and let you know Pete is having a really good season hitting wise with 8 homeruns so far this season and 2 grandslams in the last 2 games alone- we just wanted to say thank you to you and Rod for all your patience with helping him with his hitting. He still has a lot of areas to tweak out,, but I wanted to let you know all your drilling into him on jumping on the fastballs is definitely sinking in, as those are few and far between now! I also wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice on calling pitches—he played with Baseball Factory over Christmas and his coach was Bill Lockwood, associate special assignment scout for the MN Twins, and he was very very happy with what he saw with Pete and his quote to baseball factory was this kid has the best player game he has seen in a long time. He even called Pete a few weeks ago and asked him to play as a utility player on his southeast regional team w/ team one in Jupiter FL 6/8- 6/14 and also asked if he could get his imfo to pass on to Univ of Southern Florida as he talked him up to them. So he will not be able to play with prep stars that one weekend. He said he would be a reference for him for anyone who needs it from schools in the future.

The knee tendonitis is getting better with Kinesio taping learned from physical therapist and doing ultrasound on his knees with 10% hydrocortisone gel twice a week that we just do at home.

Will bring a good picture of him hitting a homerun for your wall that a newspaper tookJ Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your faith and persistence to help him to improve all around as a ball player!

See you guys soon and thanks!

Pam Guy (Pete Guys mom)



I Would like for you to pass on the message to Rod that our Pitching Lessons this January, February and March with him has really helped Connor. Connor has been throwing the ball very well. The last 30 innings, Connor has only walked 4 batters and I can’t tell you how many strikeouts he has. Connor pitched six complete innings in the Championship game this weekend at the USSSA Super NIT in Charlotte and only walked 1 batter, struck out 4 with the win. The final score was 15-2.

Thanks Rod and GBC for your help. We are headed to Florida for the Elite 32.

Connors Dad.

Brian K. Cox, Chief Guil-Rand Fire Department



Hey Alan this is Doug and Missy, we just wanted to let you know that Kaytee and Karlee signed with UNC Pembroke in November. We just want to thank you and the battin center for all your support and help through out the years. Any time the girls got in a battin slump you were right there to help them get out of it. All the other staff was always so sweet and nice to them, and was always willing to help them. Coach Melanson from UNC Pembroke took them for middle infielders, which is what they have done for most of their softball career. Thank you so much for sponsoring us for all those years. Im sorry we are just now getting around to telling you, it has just been real crazy this year. The girls are doing awesome this year at East. As of right now we are undefeated. We have one last game against Glenn on Friday night at Glenn and hopefully we can beat them again, but it will be a great nail bitter game. Then our playoffs start!! You know last year we made it too the 3rd round and lost to North Davidson 2 – 0. We are ready to play them again this year and beat them. They lost most of their team and we only lost one senior. Also East is ranked 4th in the State. The East team consists of mainly our players from GBC Fast pitch Fever, so that makes Doug and I proud.

Well hopefully we will see you soon. The girls have been wanting to come see you. So see you soon and Thank you again!!!!

Doug and Missy Wilson


Chuck and TC Delucca 5/17/11 son Robert Forsyth Country Day School


TC and I would like to personally thank you and your program for the results of Robert’s senior year. This winter and the work he did with you and Carmine prior to the beginning of the season made all the difference in the world. We just got his year-end stats so I am forwarding to you. It’s quite impressive. Washington and Lee is getting a top student.

You ARE the BEST batting instructor in the area!



Daryl Carter

Modeling Christ 6/10/11


When you started GBC back in ’87 my friend John Kolessar and I were one of your first clients. We were big fans of yours as we used to come over and see you play for the Hornets back in the day. I loved it when they called your name when you came to bat.

We went to Reidsville High and graduated in 1989.

John mentioned to me that he recently brought his son Alden and team over to your place. He told me to look you up and man I am impressed with what you have accomplished.

I moved away from Greensboro 6 yrs ago and now living in Hickory.

I was wandering how to get on your hall of fame. I went to Western Carolina after high school for baseball and transferred to NC State. Two arm surgeries knocked me out before I was able to throw a pitch for State but that’s how it goes sometimes.



Hi Alan,

Tried sending you an email via IPAD2 but it messed up so I’m doing it on the Mac. Zach said he had texted you already with this grand news. You were the first person he said he had to call/text.

Lisa and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all you did and continue to do for Zach. You’ve been a great coach and a friend to him and have supported him and the parents through the years. It’s greatly appreciated! As Zach said, it all started with Alan and GBC. He’s proud of that one.

It’s been one of those years, we tried the Military Academy and reclassing route but schools don’t like doing it anymore because of NCAA rules/eligibility. I learned a lot about that process. He decided to just graduate from West and see what happened after playing this summer. He enrolled at UNCWilmington for next year, got accepted into the PG program at IMG baseball Acadmey in Fla ($$$$) and now this offer to play two way from Western Carolina. What a year, but it all paid off and just like you told him , it’s going to happen. Things seem to happen for a reason. Anyway, thought we should let you know we do appreciate all you did over the years as well as Rod with the pitching. Zach seemed to always end back up at GBC when he needed support and a good ear and motivation. You guys, including Carmine planted the desire, drive and motivation for my son. He loves you guys more than you know. Anyway, thought I’d email you the information if you needed it to include on your Hall of Fame/Webpage. I know Zach is proud to always tell people it all started with GBC and Alan/Rod and would want you to include his name to those that have moved on and have been associated with GBC. The years have flown by and it’s hard to believe that Zach is moving out and onto the next step of his life/journey. Alan, do enjoy your girls, they have grown so much and are beautiful. Why wouldn’t they be, they come from great genetics!

Anyway, we will remain in touch and I know Zach will most definitely. Thanks again for the ride and being there. You are a class act and a genuine person. Stay that way!!!


David and Lisa Winkler



GBC was great experience as a child. I started when I was 9 years old I think which was in 1987. The skills that I learned from Alan enabled myself to be the best player physically I could be. Those skills I have leaned on when teaching my son to play the game. I have noticed myself teaching him the same way Alan taught me. Baseball is a great game and I wish I could of played beyond High School but that was not in my pedigree. Now 24 years later I will be back in the spring to GBC allowing my son to be the best he can, in the game we all love.

Thanks Alan for getting the best out of us you can.

See you soon!


Ryan Davis Jr

Davis Water Service


Wade Moore a memeber of our GBC15U National Championship Team in 2003 and now a member of The Washington Nationals.

“When I was 15 and with the BC we won the National Championship in Cocoa Beach Florida. I pitched the deciding complete game to help finish off one of the most incredible baseball memories of my life. That was special in itself, but really came full circle when I realized that as I went over to our big league spring training stadium for my first game there, that it was the same field I had played on that day when I was a member of BC trying to chase a dream. That first game proved to be special just because of what had taken place there when I was a kid. It only got better when I went way deep in my 2nd at bat of the day. Incredible the way life plays out. Thank you to everyone who was a part of GBC then and now…coaches, players, parents. Best of luck to all the pro guys and everyone else with the upcoming season. ”


Alan Ash!

Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let you know that we are coming to Greensboro on February 17, 18 & 19. Our youngest (JP) is playing at Delaware State and they open the season versus UNCG! I hope we get a chance to see you when we are there! JP is another Batting Center success story…he credits his hitting success to what you taught him when he was young!

Take Care,

John & Kathy Frey





I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much Michelle and I have appreciated what you, Rod, Carmine, Jamey, and Cliff and all other staff have done for Justin throughout the years. Your impact on him as a player and person is significant and appreciated.

We have spent a lot of quality time at the Batting Center and have developed a special friendship and bond with each of you. You and everyone at the Batting Center have meant more to us than you’ll ever know. Justin has learned so many baseball skills from all of you. However, he has gained far more in his young life from your friendship, encouragement, and belief in him as a player and a person. Your encouragement and influence on him carried over into all areas of his life, including his academics. What you all have done to impact his self-esteem and confidence is tremendous.

Needless to say Justin was never the biggest player you ever coached or instructed but you instilled a belief in him that he could compete in the game he loves no matter his size if he was willing to work. All he has known is that he had to fight, scratch and claw in order to keep up and compete with kids much bigger than him. We were going through some pictures the other day and were amazed at the size difference. All of you helped to create that desire in him to be his best whatever his level is. He looks up to each of you and always respected and listened to you and everyone else on your staff.

There were many opportunities for him to go to school and play ball, and you played a major role in all of them. We will be forever grateful for your friendship and belief in our son that he could do it. Thank you for standing behind him in support of his goals and encouraging him and me during the struggles. For all the calls and contacts to college coaches you made. The positive comments and support you provided. We thank you.

Regardless of any future level he may attain in the game of baseball (after all it is a game), he will forever be positively influenced by having had the opportunity to know and associate with all of you.

We count all of you as some of our closest friends.

Scott and Michelle Reece


Jack and I were talking at lunch about the first time I walked into GBC, you were in Golden Gate and the difference between your business model and everyone else. You haven’t changed anything other than location over the years. Most everyone else loses the focus and moves in a new direction. As you and I talked about when I saw you in April, you can run teams from the facility but you can’t ignore the walk in customer. When we first walked in today there were people pulling bats off the rack swinging. No one in the tidewater area is set up like that. They’ve all gone with teams and memberships. Next time we come down I’ll bring some bats for you. They may be illegal for game play but they are something for the walk in customer to swing. When we moved to Vs Beach, Al said to find a place like his…there’s nothing like the original…

Dan Mateo


Hey Al. Didn’t get a chance to talk to you last night but wanted to let you know that Clay made the WGHS varsity team as a freshman. He was the only freshman or sophore to make varsity. I told Cliff and Carmine last night that his making the team was a direct result of all of the years of training with you guys. Thanks for all that you have done for him and we are looking forward to many more years at GBC!
Thanks, Chip Dilday

I just wanted to thank you and the staff for working with our girls this winter. Cliff and the staff really made it enjoyable for them and they all said they had fun and want to do it again. I can already tell a difference. Thanks again!

Chris Smith

Softball Coach

Reidsville High School


I speak for all of our families that you have gone way above and beyond our expectations of service. Your staff has been spot on, you have been so responsive, and your passion for helping all of your kids shows so much!! I genuinely appreciate the relationship we have created with your facility as a team and personally!
Russ Cox-POWER 10U baseball

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