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Softball Instruction

GBC Softball Instructors
Lindsey Toneygay, Mariah Headen, Ivy Ray,  and Lexi Vanada

Lexi Vanada


Please note that all multi-session packages can be used for pitching instruction, batting instruction, softball pitching instruction or catching instruction. You may also mix and match these lesson types within one package of lessons. Packages may be split between more than one student. When you buy a package of 5, 10, or 15 lessons, you have a calendar year to use the lessons. If you buy 20 or more lessons you have 2 years to use the lessons.

Lindsey Toneygay, Mariah Headen, Ivy Ray and Lexi Vanada

1 LESSON – $65
5 LESSONS – $275 (1 Year Expiration)
10 LESSONS – $450 (1 Year Expiration)
15 LESSONS – $600 (2 Year Expiration)
20 LESSONS – $700 (2 Year Expiration)




Number of Lessons

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