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GBC supports literacy in youth athletics.

Today’s family is busy! Seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done. Unfortunately, that list includes reading. Reading is, of course, fundamental to learning and developing young minds.

Enter MP3’s and the Audio Book.

Kids always have their MP3 or iPod around. Why not give them a book to listen to on that drive to this weekend’s tournament. With downloadable audio books readily available from, you can grab a book and be ready to go in minutes.


“I love audio books for multiple reasons…listening to a story stimulates a different part of the brain than just plain reading it does. Also, when you hear and see the written word, you tend to retain more. It also models good reading (voice inflection, pauses, pronunciation, etc.) and all kids still need that, regardless of age.”

a 5th grade teacher in Greensboro

Try some classic literature, a fascinating biography or a title from our juvenile category, many of which are on recommended elementary and middle school reading lists.

So, check your teacher’s reading list and search our selections at – today. Or, start with one of our recommended titles below. Either way you’ll be helping your child with reading skills and, hopefully, a love for reading they can carry with them forever. (Hey, Mom and Dad, we have audio books for you too!)