Matt Dillon – Hitting, Pitching and Fielding Instructor




4 year college starter
2010 GTCC team MVP, All Region team
2011 team MVP , All region team
Transfer to University of Mount Olive
2012 Conference Pitcher of the Year
1st team All Conference, All Region and All State
2013 Conference Pitcher of the Year
2013 Southeastern Regional Pitcher of the Year, 1st Team All Conference, All-Region, 2nd Team All-American, 1 of 8 Finalist for National Division 2 Player of the Year

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Steve Bennett

I would like to compliment you and your staff on developing an outstanding program for young men & women. My son has developed not only as a player but your instructors have helped develop his character as well.

Thanks for everything you guys do!

Steve Bennett

Tracy Nelson


Thank you so much for allowing Morgan to conduct the softball clinic on July 8th.  I brought my daughter, Lauren Nelson, and two girls from my team.  The girls had a great time and a lot of fun!  I enjoyed watching them, I could tell from their faces that they were in softball heaven.   I also appreciate the discount coupon for lessons with Morgan.

My nephew’s 10U GBC team is off to Charleston tomorrow and everyone is so excited.  We will be cheering for GBC this coming week!

Thanks for all you do to support our youth!

Tracy Nelson

Ken Dobbins


I wanted to let you know that Ashton made the Northern Varsity Team!

Thanks for working with the girls, it has really made a difference. I am sure you know this, but just in case it never hurts to say it again– the girls really love working with you!


Ken Dobbins

Brian K. Cox

I would like for you to pass on the message to Rod that our Pitching Lessons this January, February and March with him has really helped Connor. Connor has been throwing the ball very well. The last 30 innings, Connor has only walked 4 batters and I can’t tell you how many strikeouts he has. Connor pitched six complete innings in the Championship game this weekend at the USSSA Super NIT in Charlotte and only walked 1 batter, struck out 4 with the win. The final score was 15-2.

Thanks Rod and GBC for your help. We are headed to Florida for the Elite 32.
Connors Dad.

Brian K. Cox, Chief Guil-Rand Fire Department

Chuck Delucca


TC and I would like to personally thank you and your program for the results of Robert’s senior year. This winter and the work he did with you and Carmine prior to the beginning of the season made all the difference in the world. We just got his year-end stats so I am forwarding to you. It’s quite impressive. Washington and Lee is getting a top student.

You ARE the BEST batting instructor in the area!

Chuck and TC Delucca


Ryan Davis

GBC was great experience as a child. I started when I was 9 years old I think which was in 1987. The skills that I learned from Alan enabled myself to be the best player physically I could be. Those skills I have leaned on when teaching my son to play the game. I have noticed myself teaching him the same way Alan taught me. Baseball is a great game and I wish I could of played beyond High School but that was not in my pedigree. Now 24 years later I will be back in the spring to GBC allowing my son to be the best he can, in the game we all love.

Thanks Alan for getting the best out of us you can. See you soon!

Ryan Davis Jr
Davis Water Service

Wade Moore

“When I was 15 and with the BC we won the National Championship in Cocoa Beach Florida. I pitched the deciding complete game to help finish off one of the most incredible baseball memories of my life. That was special in itself, but really came full circle when I realized that as I went over to our big league spring training stadium for my first game there, that it was the same field I had played on that day when I was a member of BC trying to chase a dream. That first game proved to be special just because of what had taken place there when I was a kid. It only got better when I went way deep in my 2nd at bat of the day. Incredible the way life plays out. Thank you to everyone who was a part of GBC then and now…coaches, players, parents. Best of luck to all the pro guys and everyone else with the upcoming season.”

Wade Moore

Memeber of our GBC15U National Championship Team in 2003

Member of The Washington Nationals.

John & Kathy Frey

Alan Ash!

Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let you know that we are coming to Greensboro on February 17, 18 & 19. Our youngest (JP) is playing at Delaware State and they open the season versus UNCG! I hope we get a chance to see you when we are there! JP is another Batting Center success story…he credits his hitting success to what you taught him when he was young!

Take Care,

John & Kathy Frey

Scott and Michelle Reece


I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much Michelle and I have appreciated what you, Rod, Carmine, Jamey, and Cliff and all other staff have done for Justin throughout the years. Your impact on him as a player and person is significant and appreciated.

We have spent a lot of quality time at the Batting Center and have developed a special friendship and bond with each of you. You and everyone at the Batting Center have meant more to us than you’ll ever know. Justin has learned so many baseball skills from all of you. However, he has gained far more in his young life from your friendship, encouragement, and belief in him as a player and a person. Your encouragement and influence on him carried over into all areas of his life, including his academics. What you all have done to impact his self-esteem and confidence is tremendous.

Needless to say Justin was never the biggest player you ever coached or instructed but you instilled a belief in him that he could compete in the game he loves no matter his size if he was willing to work. All he has known is that he had to fight, scratch and claw in order to keep up and compete with kids much bigger than him. We were going through some pictures the other day and were amazed at the size difference. All of you helped to create that desire in him to be his best whatever his level is. He looks up to each of you and always respected and listened to you and everyone else on your staff.

There were many opportunities for him to go to school and play ball, and you played a major role in all of them. We will be forever grateful for your friendship and belief in our son that he could do it. Thank you for standing behind him in support of his goals and encouraging him and me during the struggles. For all the calls and contacts to college coaches you made. The positive comments and support you provided. We thank you.

Regardless of any future level he may attain in the game of baseball (after all it is a game), he will forever be positively influenced by having had the opportunity to know and associate with all of you.

We count all of you as some of our closest friends.

Scott and Michelle Reece

Julie Rae Hammontree

I just wanted to thank you for offering such a fun and festive event to celebrate your 25 years of business.  I brought my family over in the afternoon, knowing my kids would have some fun, their dad would give it a try, too.  But, I do believe I had the most fun of all.

I haven’t played any ball since I was about 7 months pregnant with my son, Forest, who is now sixteen and a half years old.  I had never been to a batting cage before, so I started with slow-pitch softball and ended up hitting 20 for 20.  Wow – what a surprise!  I moved over to fast pitch and met 18 for 20 a couple times through.  It was a blast.  (Too bad my daughter had a school project she needed to work on, or I’d have stayed quite a bit longer.  But, it was great that she won one of the great door prizes, and we will be in for those free batting lessons sometime over Spring vacation.)

On Monday (after the even) I told several people what fun I had had at GBC, and hope that I get get a group together to come in for some off-work recreation.  Be looking for me:  I’m the 50 year old fun-loving fluffy gal, possibly wearing a dress and heels and hitting about 90% in the fast pitch cage!

Thanks again!

Julie Hammontree
Greensboro, North Carolina

Greg Gertz


Thanks so much for giving us your time and the benefit of your experience, leadership and wisdom this evening.  To the man, our guys ate it up from beginning to end.  You boosted their self-confidence, self awareness, and desire to be better. I can think of no higher reward for a teacher. This is not just baseball – this is also about how to learn and grow.

Thank you again. I’ll be in touch.

Greg Gertz

Angie Welch

Alan just want to send email to say what a great weekend of games ever had for our first tournament. And we will only get better as we keep playing as a family and teammates. Its a honor to tell people where we play and who our coaches are. Nathan AKA Grapes is excited about all that he has learned and going to learn. Cannot wait for our next tournament. Also I do love giving Phil a hard time.

Thank you again for choosing us to be part of this amazing team. We do love it.

The Welch family Chad, Angie, and Grapes


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